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SureSafe Personal Alarms

$ 219.00

SureSafe Personal Alarms

$ 219.00

Get a SureSafe Personal Alarm, with two wristband alarm buttons, dials up to three telephone numbers of friends and family in an emergency. Very simple to set-up and use, with no ongoing fees… EVER!


Product Description

SureSafe Personal Alarms with 2 x wristwatch alarm buttons instead.

The wrist pendants are extremely comfortable, lightweight and reliable and not to mention, water resistant. Being water resistant means that you can wear it in the shower wit confidence in case of emergency.

Once you active the wrist pendant a wireless message is sent back to the SureSafe personal alarms base unit and it starts dialing the 3 emergency contacts that you have saved in the unit.

The SureSafe Personal alarms is so simple to use and install. All you have to do is connect an adapter to the phone cable, plug the Suresafe Personal Alarms unit into the adapter and program the contact numbers that you want it to call. Easy!

AbbiCare are proud to offer you this great unit and are the only authorized supplier in Australia so you can buy with confidence knowing that you’re getting what you’re paying for by a recognized business.

What is included?
• 1 x SureSafe Personal Alarm Base unit
• 2 x Water Resistant Wristwatch Alarm Button
• 1 x Telephone Wire & Power Plug
• 1 x User Manual and FREE Delivery
…. plus Peace of Mind.