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SureSafe Home SOS Alarm Rental

$ 150.00

SureSafe Home SOS Alarm Rental

$ 150.00

Suresafe Home Alarm Rental – Perth Metropolitan Area Only.


SureSafe Home SOS Alarm Rental

SureSafe home SOS alarms rental comes with one neck pendant, one wristband and a base unit that connects to your landline & dials up to three telephone numbers in case of an emergency.

The SureSafe home sos alarms is cost effective with no on-going fees – ever!

Both the wristband & pendants have an IP67 waterproof rating so they can be worn in the shower.

SureSafe home sos alarms rental – $10/week
Refundable Deposit – $150
Frequency – Weekly payments

All payments are upfront and long-term rentals attract reduced rates after a certain time frame so follow the buttons to the cart and we will contact you to deliver the unit to your home & collect the balance payment.

You create the direct debit weekly payment with your bank so you’re in control.

Rentals are available in Perth metropolitan only.

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