RAPTURE A120 Power Wheelchair with Remote Control Fold

$ 4,999.00


  • Auto folding Wheelchair
  • Asymmetrical Cushion
  • 120kg Carrying Weight
  • 2x 200w Brushless Motors
  • Splits into 2 pieces for easy lifting into boot
  • Maintenance Free
  • Includes Basket

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    A power wheelchair with remote control or auto folding wheelchair with a remote button easily folds and opens your Rapture A120 with the press of a button.

    Ideal for the elderly on my aged care packages, auscare packages for the elderly and people with a disability on the National Disibility Insurance Scheme.

    The durability and the reliablility of the Rapture A120 power wheelchair with remote control is based on the success of Eagle HD electric wheelchair being supplied to people right around Australia exclusively by abbicare.

    The power chair features as standard with a flip up footrest that folds neatly below the seat cushion allowing you to comfortably come right up to the chair to sit.

    Flip up armrests to allow side mount or dismount, which is very handy when near your favourite seat or when going to bed.

    Correct sitting of a lightweight foldable power wheelchair should also be viewed as when sitting on a dining room chair. We sit from the angle and therefore, we should do the same when sitting on the wheelchair.

    Ofcourse, this method is not for everyone but as a rule, this method is what we recommend for sitting on all chairs. Try it, lift the armrest and sit from the angle and once seated, swing yourself to the front.

    Motors & Batteries

    The RAPTURE A120 auto folding wheelchair is equipped with 2 x 6AH longlife polymer lithium-ion batteries tucked neatly into the either side of the subframe.

    The batteries are easily removed from the front either side of the seat, which means, no gettting on your knees, crouching underneath the seat to remove the batteries.

    No other auto folding wheelchair comes anywhere near the Rapture A120 for its user friendliness, ease of battery removal, lightweight to comparable power wheelchair with remote control button.

    And we guarantee it.

    The  2x batteries power the total 400W super quiet brushless motors on this foldable power wheelchair with remote control which is why it makes the RAPTURE A120 folding electric wheelchair a user friendly chair.

    Having brushless motors also means it is maintenance free.

    Tyres and Joystick

    The RAPTURE A120 power wheelchair with remote control has a 12.5″ rear tyre and an 8” front PU solid tyre that is made from pneumatic micro-cellular polyurethane.

    Pneumatic polyurethane means that the tyre that is resilient, abrasion and most chemicals resistant and hard wearing for long life and exceptionally low maintenance. It is puncture proof as well.

    The perforated tyres aid in user comfortability when driving over rough terrain. It adds as a secondary suspension for the power wheelchair with remote control when driving.

    The RAPTURE A120 power wheelchair with remote has a brushless joystick, which means it is completley maintenance free and will keep you driving for many years without any hassle.

    Pressure Adaptability

    The RAPTURE A120 is fitted with an Asymmetrical cushion, which means, it automatically adjusts to maximise comfort and relieves pressure by helping lower body distribution.

    Useful for people that sit out of place or have difficulty sitting flor long periods. The asymmetrical cushion aids in relieving pressure.

    Seating Comfort

    High quality Oxford fabric and is completely machine washable. The cushion is breathable anti-bacterial.

    Safety in Mind

    This remote folding lightweight foldable wheelchair is free from tilting. What this means is that the seat and chair is optimised to centre of gravity so it will not tilt when exceeding a 12° hill. 

    The RAPTURE A120 power wheelchair will stop automatically to keep you safe.

    Quality Components = Durability

    The electric wheelchair with auto folding ability easily performs over soaked and wet grass, and will go uphill very easily.

    It will drive over cobbled pave, uneven surfaces, weathered sand, gravel, and hardened snow.

    The components are high quality which is what keeps the 

     exceptionally reliable for years.

    Weight of the Rapture A120 Power wheelchair with remote control 

    This wheelchair weighs just a shy under 36kg and has an impressive range of features with a selection of personal customization optional extras available such as leg and head rests for the ones that require them.


    Getting the chair into the back of your sedan, hatch, SUV or FWD is a breeze as the remote folding wheelchair chair can easily be split into two parts within a few seconds.

    Fold and put straight into the boot or split into two pieces to reduce the weight. The chair unclips from the rear motors by first unplugging the eletrical cables then with a foot on the motor, lift the seating section off.

    Full instructional videos are sent straight to your inbox for future reference.

    Why consider a remote folding electric wheelchair to a standard folding power wheelchair

    The Rapture A120 remote folding electric wheelchair is ideal for people that have a slow body motion when moving but want the all-terrain feel from their chair.

    Your Auto Folding Wheelchair Health Accessories 

    Head Rest

    The head rest accessory is completely adjustable for height and neck safety on this remote folding wheelchair. The material is made from Oxford fabric and cushioning is anti-bacterial.

    Swing-away-Leg Rests

    Fully adjustable with a breathable calf cushion to take the strain off the muscle.

    The leg rests swing-away which means, they can be neatly folded back almost flush to the side of the chair.

    It takes a couple of seconds to remove for storage when not required.

    Caregiver Attachment

    Should the user not be able to drive themselves, the joystick can fitted on to the carer attachment and driven from the rear of the RAPTURE A120 automatic folding power wheelchair.


    Warranty – 2 years on Frame 1yr on Battery

    Products passed through ISO, FDA and CE standard.

    Other accessories to keep you independent

    Detachable Shopping Bag, Bottle Holders

    RANA 1800mm Telescopic ramps are an ideal back safety accessory and helps prevent possible injury for users or carers by easily pushing the RAPTURE A120 power wheelchair with remote control into the back of a hatch or back of the SUV.

    When the RANA telescopic ramps are opened they measure 1800mm and retracted only 1.02 mtrs allowing you to keep them in the boot. 270kg combined carry weight.

    The AbbiCare 2 in 1 car bumper protection mat and boot mat is an ideal compliment to the RANA ramps.

    For full accessories range please click HERE

    telescopic ramps for wheelchairs
    RANA Telescopic Ramps
    bumper protector
    2in1 bumper & Boot Mat
    electric wheelchair travel cover
    Travel Case Protector
    Wheel Chair Bag Image 2
    Detachable Bag
    electric wheelchair bottle holder 1
    360° Swivel Bottle Holder
    ndis provider 1

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