Eagle SD

$ 3,999.00 $ 3,299.00

Eagle Standard Duty Power

  • Easily fits into a boot of most vehicles.
  • Safely supports up to 120kg.
  • Aero grade aluminum-alloy.
  • Only 23kg including battery.
  • Flip-up foot rest.
  • Reliable 360° brushless joystick controller.
  • Brushless motors and joystick- maintainence  free.
  • Intelligent electromagnetic brake (electronic regenerative disc brake) to ensure passenger safety.
  • Choice of colors, silver & black.

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    compact and Light 23kg
    Super breathable & Washable
    eaglepower sd rear


    The Eagle SD Electric wheelchair lightweight

    A lightweight power wheelchair that is portable that has a feature of 120kg carrying capacity.

    Powered by 2x 180w motors with electromagnetic brakes.

    Extra tight turning circle and short wheelbase allow for easy manoeuvring in tight spaces at home which is why the Eagle SD foldable mobility wheelchair is great for home.

    Loading and unloading is a breeze, and you will love to be able to take it with you wherever you go.

    Featuring very lightweight lithium & airplane-safe batteries which is perfectly suited for air travel and the batteries are easily removed.

    • Fits easily into the the boot of most vehicles, folded measurements 77 x 26cm.
    • Safely supports up to 120kg.
    • Aero grade aluminum-alloy.
    • Only 23kg including battery weight.
    • Removable, washable seat cushion and back rest.
    • Solid front and rear tyres – no more punctures.
    • Flip-up foot rest.
    • Reliable, easy to use 360° brushless joystick controller.
    • 11.5cm ground clearance – comparable with the top all-terrain models.
    • Two quiet brushless motors.
    • Intelligent electromagnetic brake (electronic regenerative disc brake) to ensure passenger safety.
    • Reliable and precise battery-life – 5 years.
    • 24V/10AH Lithium battery.
    • Choice of colours, silver & black electric wheelchair lightweight and stylish.

    Overall length


    Overall width


    Overall height


    Max load



    6″ PU solid Front

    8″ PU solid Back

    Max slope capacity


    Max speed


    Max distance (full charge)



    360° joystick controller Brushless zero maintenance


    2 x 180W brushless motors

    Seat depth


    Seat width


    Seat height


    Braking Distance

    1.2m (when at the top speed)


    Lithium 24V/10AH



    Time required to fully charge battery

    6 – 8h

    Net weight (including battery)


    Net weight (without battery)


    People who eventually bought from us asked us these questions;

    Q. I want to buy but I am nervous buying online, how do I know that you are ligitimate?
    A. Our reviews tells the story, not us!.. But, we’ve been supplying lightweight portable travel wheelchairs since 2016 and have never had a a customer complaint thus far. We are exhibitors at the next ATSA Independant Living Expo. 

    Q. Do I have to order online only or is there another way of paying?
    A. Yes, you can transfer dirently into the abbicare account. To make the transaction official, we send an invoice to your email and you pay it.

    Q. How can you offer 2 years because everyone else offers only 1?
    A. We’re not just a business to make money, we understand that people like you need a chair but also want the best care. Our name says it all!

    Q. Is this model really as good as it sounds?
    A. Yes, the Q/A for all models we sell are second to none. We only supply high quality mobility chairs. Our on the spot trip to inspect a manufacturer is Feb 2020.

    For payment options please call customer care on 1300 884 975


    Warranty – 24  months

    Delivery: $195 nationally via direct bank Transfer at cart

    The Eagle SD electric wheelchair lightweight also has a range of accessories available to help you to further customize your chair to enhance your driving experience.

    Accessories include

    Adjustable Headrest.
    Drink Bottle Holder.
    Carer attachment.

    Want something with bigger rear wheels from your electric wheelchair lightweight and a heavy duty wheelchair? Then read about the Eagle HD.

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