$ 3,900.00 $ 2,799.00



$ 3,900.00 $ 2,799.00

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Eagle 180 Folding Electric Wheelchair has all the power of the Eagle HD powered by two 250W motors but, with a more slick framework for ease of carrying and lite on the pocket.

It folds and unfolds in seconds and is airplane friendly.

Powerful – Strong – Versitile – Go Anywhere Electric Wheelchair

    • Overall size: 94.0cm L x 65.0cm W x 97.5cm H.
    • Folded size: 65.0cm L x 35.0cm W x 77.5cm H.
    • Packing Size: 70.0cm L x 50.0cm W x 86.0cm H.
    • Net Weight: 23 kg 
    • Seat Deep: 40 cm
    • Seat Width: 47 cm
    • Seat Height (back): 47 cm
    • Front Wheel: 8
    • Back Wheel: 12.5
    • Driving Range: 22 km (13.6 miles)
    • Max Speed: 6 km/h 
    • Weight Capacity: Safely supports up to 180kg
    • Turning Radius: 85 cm
    • Breaking: Electromagnetic – will not roll back on a hill
  • Battery: Two 24V/7AH Batteries
  • Battery weight: 1.4 kg each
  • Motor: Two very Quiet 24V/250 WATT Brushless motors.

Compact – Lite – Airplane Friendly – Folds in Seconds


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The Eagle Lite Portable Folding Electric Wheelchair is a reliable, comfortable, and very powerful electric wheelchair that will help you feel like a true member of your community with full mobility.
This fit comfortably through door frames.

The amazing folding ability transforms this electric wheelchair into a compact size and fits into any boot of a car and is great right around Australia.

When folded, it is about as wide as a large book.

The lightweight frame is easy to carry and is safe for vehicles.

The rechargeable lithium battery operates with 2x Powerful 250-watts and can move 6kms/hr.

The breathable, washable backrest and seat cushion allows air to flow and you can easily remove them and wash when you want to.

The footrests are mobile and can be flipped up and out of the way for easy transfer in and out of electric wheelchair.

The electric chair is controlled with a joystick, which is easy to hold or move with a gentle touch.
This benefits users with limited mobility strength in their arms and hands. The wheelchair can move 360-degrees with the fun joystick.

Solid tires on the front and back have improved the terrain capability of this electric chair. It can literally drive over gravel without too much strain.

Even if you roll over a nail, the tires will remain solid and mobile for your benefit.

The base of the chair frame is lifted 4.5-inches off of the ground so you can roll through different terrains quite easily and these Terrains include but are not limited to sand, mud, snow, gravel, pavement, carpet, and more.



The Eagle 180 Folding Electric Wheelchair is so strong and reliable that we offer Buyers;

  • 30 Day money back guarantee against faulty equipment or straight swap.
  • 24 months on the motors.
  • 18 months on the frame.
  • 12 months standard warranty on all other parts.
Fast N Free to all Australian Metro areas. Regional may cost a little extra. Call 1300 884 975 and talk to our customer care advisor

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