Solax Portable Wheelchair Hoist (Obsolete Product)

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  • Lifts up to 30kg of weight
  • Lockable castors for safe operation
  • Plugs into your wheelchair for power
  • Telescopic for easy transport in the boot of a car

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Portable Wheelchair Hoist or Solax Mobility Hoist

First let us look at the reasons for using a folding mobility scooter portable wheelchair hoist; it is a fantastic aid that is designed for assisting a person to put their lightweight wheelchair into the back of their car.

The portable wheelchair hoist allows for the easier transfer of your wheelchair into your vehicle with ease and reduces possible injury.

The wheelchair hoist lifts your power wheelchair or mobility scooter and weighs only 13kgs.

Using a portable wheelchair lift for car may also significantly decrease Musculo-skeletal injuries and physical stress for care-givers when lifting a power wheelchair.

It is by far the safest option for frequent users of the EagleHD or Dinkum Navigator folding power chairs and saves thousands of dollars on expensive vehicle modifications.

The portable hoist is made from aluminium, so it won’t rust.

It can be easily lifted as the motor is light and not noisy when in use. The Hercules portable wheelchair hoist is powered by your chair battery on the wheelchair, and uses hardly any battery juice.

By not having a battery attached to it, it removes the worry of yet another piece of equipment need charging.

Ideal for

  • Carers
  • elderly
  • Disabled
  • Adult Children helping mums and dads

No more straining and possibly pulling a muscle, and your back is taken care of as the Hercules portable hoist has puncture proof tyres with a foot break to prevent the portable hoist from moving around when in use.

The foot brake also reduces unnecessary bending.

The Hercules portable wheelchair hoist has a toggle switch at the top of the unit for lifting and lowering leaving one of your hands free to keep your folded power chair stable.

The hoist is designed to lift to 30 kg maximum.


  1. Lifts to 30kg of weight maximum
  2. Lockable castors for anti-roll safe operation
  3. Suitable for eagle wheelchair and dinkum navigator range

Benefits of the Solax Mobility Hoist or Portable Wheelchair Lifter;

  • Affordable solution to expensive vehicle modifications.
  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Simple set up.
  • Quick and safe transfer to boot.
  • Ideal for elderly or;
  • Stroke victims; active and determined to do it themselves.
  • Compact and easy to store when not in use.

How to use Solax Portable Wheelchair Hoist

The idea of using a portable hoist is to make life easier for yourself so make sure your eagle hd or dinkum navigator is folded and near to back of your vehicle.

  1. Remove the portable hoist from your car.
  2. Unfold your abbicare bumper protector mat and boot mat.
  3. Drop legs and raise the height by pushing the lock clips inwards.
  4. Lock the wheels in place with your foot.
  5. Position the hoist above your power chair.
  6. Use the strap provided on the four corners.
  7. Use the toggle switch to lower/raise when ready.
  8. When the chair is raised, gently give the base of the wheelchair hoist to get it moving and place the chair into your car.
  9. Drop the hoist strap and remove it from the hoist.
  10. Reverse the hoist out, fold, put into the back and tuck your bumper protector mat and boot mat. Bob’s yer uncle!

Using the Solax Mobility Hoist Safely

  • We advise that when using this Solax mobility hoist, care should always be practiced to prevent personal injury.
  • It is advisable to be on a flat surface when using the Solax Hercules portable wheelchair hoist.
  • The wheelchair should be checked to ensure the straps are secured to avoid injury.
  • Use a bumper protector mat to prevent possible damage to your vehicle when using your Solax wheelchair hoist.

Questions And Answers

1. What is the difference between the atlas 4 portable car boot hoist and Solax hoist?
    The Solax and Atlas are the same hoist but with two different names.

2. Is the atlas portable car hoist operation the same as the Solax?
     Yes! The both work exactly the same.

3. Can I use a portable hoist on uneven surfaces?
     It is not recommended to use on uneven surfaces for you safety, expecially for people with poor  balance.

4. Wheelchairs are too heavy. Can this hoist lift the ZUBU BRAND electric wheelchair?
     Yes! The lifter is designed to lift up to 30kg and a strap is supplied to use to lift the ZUBU electric rollator.

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