Personal Fall Alert Device for the Elderly

$ 439.00

3G/4G Personal Fall Alert Alarm

Price includes full set-up and One Year PAYG Credit.

  • Two Way Hands Free Talk
  • Signal & Battery life easily seen
  • App to Monitor and Call
  • Fall Sensor
  • GPS Tracker
  • Showerproof
  • Strong Magnetic Charger



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    Fall Alert SOS Pendant for the elderly and GPS Tracker

    Personal fall alert pendants offers peace of mind for the whole family and independence for the elderly and seniors.

    The screen looks like a mobile phone so you can see when the battery needs charging and how strong the signal is. The speaker is loud and the 4G makes the SafenSecure elderly personal fall alert pendant clear to hear when distressed. 

    Works in regional & remote areas that are supported by the 4G Telstra/Optus network in Australia. The device is unlocked so choose your favourite provider when buying.

    It is reliable, durable, dust & safe underwater to half a metre

    How does the personal fall alert work?

    When the SOS button is pressed on the personal fall alert pendant, the pendant sends out an sms to the three contacts.

    The contacts receive a Google maps link, accurate to within 2 metres outside and the SafenSecure personal fall alert and SOS alarm pendant rings the first of three contacts. The device will keep dialing until someone answers.

    The responders then can make a quick assessment and call emergency services if required.

    The wearer can feel safe knowing that help is on the way. In stressful situations the hands-free talking device allows for effective communication.

    GPS Tracker information for the techos’

    Decades of engineering technology have gone into improving the Global Positioning System (GPS) giving you accurate position anytime, anywhere, and
    using Google Maps is the most popular form of finding ones way around.

    There are hundreds of GPS satellites containing extremely accurate atomic clocks and positioning that have been launched since the 70’s, and every few years or so new satellites are being launched due to tenological advances and continue to this day and these satellites continuously send data down to earth over dedicated RF frequencies.

    The SafenSecure pocket-sized GPS receivers have tiny processors and antennas that directly receive the data sent by the satellites and relay the position to around 1.5 mtrs outside and about +/- 10 mtrs inside.. . Simply amazing peace of mind for the whole family!

    life time support

    We’ve got you covered the sure safe way. When you purchase a SafenSecure safety pendant from abbicare, you have peace of mind knowing that you have Life Time Support.

    Call 1300 88 975

    Personal fall alert and panic alarm Carbon Footprint Note: 

    To help reduce carbon footprint we do not send out the wall charger as standard. We do this because it is deemed that most family and friends have a spare android charger that can be recycled for the user. If you would like a charger sent out, please call 1300 884 975 after you have ordered.

    What comes in the box

    SafenSecure SOS Safety Pendant
    USB Cable
    Includes FULL SET UP and READY TO GO

    Be Resonse Ready

    With a SafenSecure panic alarm pendant and fall alert device for the elderly, it is recommended to have a locked box installed outside with an easy to remember code. This allows emergency services, family or neighbours to enter.

    We have the popular 3G option HERE .

    Payment Options

    12 months : $36.60/mth + $1.80 service fee per transaction. 

    Call 1300 884 975 to set up.