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Personal Alarm System

$ 420.00

Personal Alarm System

$ 420.00

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Personal Alarm System In Perth, Australia for Independent and Active Seniors

A personal alarm system can give the peace of mind to the elderly, solo workers, children as well as for the people you care about. Such security devices are triggered to send an SOS emergency alarm with just a press of a button. Hence, the mini pico Finder personal alarm systems for seniors are the perfect solution, to let them be independent and active.

So, if there are seniors who could suffer falls at home or outdoors, a personal alarm system is perfect for them. Did you know that 1 out of 3 people over the age of 65 years have a serious & substantial fall in any given year? Even, 65% of the falls occur at home, whereas, active seniors fall in the streets, shops or parks while wandering alone.

Why does the risk of falling occur?

Older people are at increased risk because of the normal ageing that involves poor balance, muscle tone, eyesight, loss of hearing and slower reactions at times.

The immobilisation after falling:

Elderly, who fall, are unable to get up on their own and can dehydrate in minutes. All that time spent being immobilised can affect their health in return. Due to falling, muscle cell breakdown starts within 30-60 minutes of compression. Pressure sores, pneumonia, dehydration, etc. are the other complications that may result in a situation that could have been avoided.

How quick assistance after fall helps:

Just after the immobilisation occurs, getting help fast improves the chance of survival by 80%. It increases the likelihood of independence and a happy life.

So, choose to have a mini pico Finder personal alarms in Perth, Australia, so that your loved one can get help fast when they require it most. mini pico safety systems were once known as community alarms, which are now referred to as the best  personal alarm system in Australia and have professionally been developed with a range of choices and options.

Delivery Free anywhere in Australia

14 Day money back guarantee

12 months warranty

Includes $30 credit which should last the year on Aldimobile simcard.