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Panic Alarms

$ 420.00

Panic Alarms

$ 420.00

Personal Panic Alarms for Elderly

mini pico Finder go anywhere medical alarms works just like a mobile phone.




High-quality Panic Fall Alarm in Perth, Australia for Emergency Response

Are you worried about your loved ones’ safety while you are not in the vicinity? Do you need to keep a constant eye on each of the activities the elderly people at your home do? Well, worry not. The mini pico mobile SOS GPS tracker is most reliable when it comes to personal alarms by Abbicare.

Mini pico finder offers peace of mind and is stress-free for all the family, knowing that your loved one can maintain their independence, irrespective of the age. Mini pico is a high-quality personal alarm in perth that will meet your expectations. Stress-free living with our mini pico emergency response pendant.

We have made sure that we deliver the best type & quality of panic alarm in Australia. We are committed to providing quality products that offer peace of mind for elderly care so they can feel safe.

Our Pillar for Success
We understand the importance of safety and being safe. Therefore, we made proper use of the technology and innovation to provide a safe and secure living at your home.

With so many eager customers, we believe that we have been able to meet their requirements successfully; and perhaps excelled them due to our after sales support.

Salient Features of Our Product

We are always in the making. We ensure implementation of advanced techniques to increase the reliability of the people in the product we deliver. The following are some of the salient features that our products have—

  • User activated emergency SOS button enabling seniors to get help fast.
  • The follower can track the location of their loved one instantly via GPS location tracking
  • The device like the personal fall alarm has fall detection system that notifies if the person has fallen or not.
  • mini pico waterproof rating IP65, and hence, any spillage of water is not going to destroy its functionality.
  • The mini pico mobile sos gps tracker also has an embedded two-way audio system where the elderly person, as well as the follower, can communicate with each other. The device can be programmed to save five contacts for emergencies.

Why Choose Us?

We believe that we offer the best quality of personal security products. Other features that make us apart are as follows-

  • Products available online with ease or we can deliver locally.
  • Can be installed quickly.
  • We are the direct dealers.
  • Superior quality products available at an affordable price.
  • Our aftersales support.

Contact Abbicare for panic alarms.

minipico FEATURES:

  • IP65 Rating – Shower & Dustproof.
  • GEO-FENCE/SAFE-ZONE ALERTS – Ideal for Dementia/ Wanderers/Autistic;Sends an alert when the predetermined area is breached.
  • LONG LIFE BATTERY STANDBY – Two to four days depending on settings. Auto Sleep mode.
  • CHARGING CRADLE – Easy to Charge Free-standing cradle.
  • SMALL, LIGHT & SOFT – 61x42x16mm, 35 grams.
  • CONTACTS – Up to Five contacts can be programmed. Minimum One.

Free delivery anywhere in Australia.

14 Day money back guarantee

12 months warranty

Includes $30 credit which should last the year on Aldimobile or Amaysim