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Mini Pico & WiFi Camera Deal

Mini Pico & WiFi Camera Deal

Buy a Mobile GPS Tracker & get a security Wifi Camera worth $100 for Free!


mini Pico Finder & WiFi Security Camera Deal

Mini pico elderly GPS Tracker; popular demand for people in Australia. Remove the worry so you loved feels safe.

Buy the Mini pico GPS tracker & get the Wifi Camera for free! Buy Now and Save $100!

The mini pico elderly gps tracker works in all Suburbs & Regional areas where there is a 3g mobile signal and the camera requires wifi.

The iView wifi camera can be loaded with a 32g TFT card to take real-time recording. (Not included). It takes periodic stills and which is recorded on the App for you to view movements.

Delivery Free anywhere in Australia

14 Day money back guarantee

12 months warranty