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mini pico Finder Mobile SOS GPS Tracker

$ 420.00

mini pico Finder Mobile SOS GPS Tracker

$ 420.00

mini pico Finder mobile alert pendant deivces on Sale.



mini Pico Finder Mobile SOS GPS Tracker

mini Pico Finder is a go anywhere personal elderly gps tracker pendant that assists with ageing in place, people living alone and is also ideal for people with disabilities & one of the best personal safety alarms for children.

It’s ideal for all activities and if you wish to seek the wearer, they can be found where there is a 3g signal.

The mini Pico Finder mobile SOS GPS Tracker is a personal alarm that delivers peace of mind for the wearer and the whole family.

Its popularity is growing in Australia because more people want to stay at home but need that little more assurance that help is at hand when it is needed.

The SOS button is large with Two-Way-Talk functionality and works just like a mobile phone.

When the SOS button is deployed, the Swiss designed u-blox chip tracking software sends a real-time tracking link to your smartphone with a Google maps coordinate via text message.

The first nominated number is then contacted so your loved can communicate to get help fast & up to five mobile phone numbers can be pre-programmed.

And the gps tracking device is accurate to within 2.5 mtrs of the wearer when outside.

This gps tracker is also equipped with fall detection functionality, which means, if a fall is detected, smart locate real time is deployed and message alerts are sent out that the wearer may need help.

The geo-fence option can be programmed to allow wanderers to go for walkabout and when they pass the predetermined set distance, a text message is sent to alert loved ones.

The benefits of this is that they can still visit neighbours or go for a walk if you’re near a park.

Another Cool Feature

If you want to seek your loved one, you can do this on the gps locator; what this means is that you can send mini pico finder an sms and it will send you back a text message with your loved ones’ Google map location.

The seek gps feature offers everyone peace of mind knowing that your loved are safe.

mini pico finder also has a long battery life of 2-4 days depending on settings.

The Telstra version gives is ideal for regional Australia.

  • Telstra/Optus sim card & Set-up
  • Personal 24/7 monitoring support from family & friends.
  • Instant two-way speech.
  • Instant Google Maps location.
  • Up to five numbers can be pre programmed.
  • Easy docking station for charging.
  • Free Satellite collaboration.

Contact our independent living client care adviser on 0449 703 286 for more information on personal response systems.

mini pico Finder FEATURES:






• IPX5 Rating – Shower & Dustproof.

Ideal for Dementia/ Wanderers/Autistic;

• LONG LIFE BATTERY STANDBY – Two to four days depending on settings. Auto Sleep mode.

• CHARGING CRADLE – Easy to Charge Free-standing cradle.

• SMALL, LIGHT & SOFT – 61x42x16mm, hence just 35 grams.

 CONTACTS – Five. Minimum One.

Free Smart-Tracking platform for location accuracy.

Free delivery anywhere in Australia.

14 Day money back guarantee

12 months warranty

Includes $30 credit which should last the year on Aldimobile or Amaysim

Demo GPS Platform. USER:demo PASSWORD:demo

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