Wheechair Leg Rests for Eagle Range

$ 410.00

Leg Rests for wheelchair

Range of foldable power wheelchairs;
Eagle HD – Eagle SD – Eagle WD
Easily attached swing-away
Install Time – 3 mins

Good quality abbicare
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    Legrests for wheelchair

    Hardwearing construction from chromium steel with easy locking clips to secure the legrests for wheelchair into place. The legs are adjustable to suit the height required and is also easily adjustable to keep your leg horizontally straight.

    By just a flip of a clip the rests swing away to the side of the lightweight folding power wheelchair and has comfortable with a  non perspiring calf rests to take the weight off your knees.

    Each part is hard wearing and will last for years and suits the Eagle Range of lightweight power wheelchairs below.

    Fits perfectly well on manual and power wheelchairs and ideal for relieving swelling.

    The Health Benefits of Elevating Your Legs

    There are a few reasons why elevating your legs is beneficial to your vein health, and your entire body.

    Pressure Relief

    Firstly, by elevating your legs you are removing pressure on your veins. Elevating your legs helps to take the pressure off your veins.

    Natural Flow

    Secondly, leg rests for wheelchair helps with the natural flow of blood and reduces the heart pump rate requred for your legs. It becomes much easier if your legs are elevated. 

    Rather than making your heart and veins stressing the extra effort to flow against gravity and up back to your heart.

    Give yourself, your heart and veins a break by elevating when you want to relax somewhere such as a park, at home or even when having a coffee out.

    Reduces Inflammation

    Third good resaon to consider legrests for wheelchair. Elevation reduces swelling which in utrn, reduces discomfort and pain. 

    All this can be achieved if you elevate your legs with leg rests for wheelchair which will help keep your veins happy and healthy.

    Rotate Ankles and Feet

    For the ones that have movement, give your muscles and bones a workout by twisting your foot in a circular motion, stretching your foot pointing forward and pulling your toe back as far as you can manage.

    You will find the natural flow and using legrests for wheelchair will help you to a better and healtier feeling.

    Price includes Express Post Australia wide. 

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