HEDY Smart Wheelchair SEW02

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iController with  Mobile Phone Control Ability


HEDY Smart Wheelchair SEW02


Your HEDY 02 smart controller is designed with freedom and independence in mind. It is equipped with the latest technology because not everyone has huge rooms so the remote is very handy to have in your life.

Use your cellphone to manoeuvre your chair to your bed or bring your power folding wheelchair to you from your phone, while others are busy , save on asking all the time.

COMING SOON -iMproved with Two-Way-Talk SOS function for emergencies.

abbicare in conjunction with HEDY Australia and HEDY Group of companies are currently investing in research & development of a  4G SOS button that will let you get help fast in case of emergency. It will also utilise the 112 emergency mobilephone system if you’re out of credit with your mobilephone or controller.controller1

Normally, it will be used as a family and friends calling device. Once the SOS button is deployed, the joystick controller calls the contacts programmed into the controller. Upto three contacts can be programmed and is also hands free with a loud speaker and microphone in-built into it.

On Board FM radio

Listen to some tunes while you’re driving in the park or just sitting at home. The controller can be preset to your favourite stations.

On board Speedometer

You can feel like you’re driving with the SEW02 and watching your speed which is a cool feature. Even the Horn sounds like a motor care.

Superb indoor manoeuvrability

Thanks its unique design this folding wheelchair it also has excellent manoeuvrability when at home, so driving around tight spaces and furniture will be very easy. 

The compact dimensions of this power wheelchair is also great around narrow doorways or confined spaces, and easy to fit your electric wheelchair under tables.

HEDY Power Wheelchair is airplane compliant.

You can enjoy your overseas trip since it can be taken on overseas. The HEDY 02 folding electric wheelchair battery is MSDS certified and comes with a powerful 10AH capacity. As a result, you can take it everywhere.folding electric wheelchair

Ideal companion wheelchair when on the road, gravel or grass and gives you the freedom that you want out of your travel power wheelchair.


Superior lightweight shock absorbent cushion offering you comfort while driving.The breathable material composite is also machine washable and non slip.


To give you a comfortable driving experience the wheels are equipped with good-designed suspensions that easily absorbs all of those awkward, bumpy journeys.

It is also equipped with anti-pitch technology which means, there is no tilting back on a slope. 

Material6061 Aerospace Aluminum Alloy 
Unfolded Dimension(LxWxH)915x600x940mm 
Folded Dimension(LxWxH)730x600x370mm 
Width of Armrests480mm 
Seat Size450x420mm 
N.W.(Without battery)26kg 
Gross Weight27.8kg 
Max Speed7kmh 
Load Capacity150kg 
MotorDC Brushless Motor250W
BatteryIon Lithium Battery24V/10AH 240WH
Battery Weight1.8kg 
Driving Range20km 
TyresFront : 8″ PURear: 12″ PU
Ground Clearance63mm 
Turning Radius Own circle 
Grade Ability10°

Strong motors combined with high output gives you an enjoyable and smooth ride. And by this combination, your batteries lasts longer by also giving you five years life.

Products passed through ISO, FDA and CE standard.


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Warranty — 12 months 

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