Universal Wheelchair Head Rest

$ 395.00

Universal Electric Wheelchair Headrest

Suitable for electric wheelchairs and manual wheelchairs
Easily attached
Install Time: 4-6 mins

  • Good quality with
  • 22mm clamps to fit most ewc and manual
  • FREE delivery

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    Electric wheelchair Headrest

    The electric wheelchair headrest fits perfectly well on manual or power wheelchairs and has an easy push button to swivel the headrest to your comfort, UV protected in black breathable quality Oxford fabric.

    Abbicare offer a range of wheelchair headrests that can be fitted to many wheelchair models.

    A wheelchair headrest provides cushioning to your head or neck, while supporting your neck and having a wheelchair head rest you may also be reducing pressure on the spine and back.

    Benefits may include relief from neck strain or pain and extra lateral support. Our headrests are made from high-quality Oxford fabric, are comfortable to use and easy to clean to remove oils and stains.

    If you are a regular user of a headrest please clean the headrest often so as to keep it looking nice and new so you feel proud of your investment.

    Attaching Head Rests

    Attaching the head rest hardware is a breeze and only takes about 7 minutes. Featuring a easy-to-use levers, the headrest hardware allows for precise fitting to user neck requirements.

    The attachment clamp fits most power assisted lightweight wheelchairs and manual wheechairs. Ideal for 20mm or 25mm tubing

    Ideal addition for NDIS and myagedcare users to support your either your head and neck.

    High quality asurance by abbicare

    Using wheelchair headrests advice

    If you are a user that require head/neck support in order to maintain balance in an upright position when travelling in a modified vehicle, we recommend seeking advice from your occupational therapist.

    By doing so you can establish if you may require a neck collar to keep your chin and head stable to counter bumpy road surfaces.

    If you do not have an OT please contact us on 1300 884 975 and we can source an OT near you.

    Handy compact shopping bag

    If you are a person that does not require a headrest but travels regularly in modified vehicles such as taxis etc then read an abstract about the effects of wheelchair headrest use on head and neck during rear impact here