Personal GPS Alarm For the Elderly

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Price includes full set-up and start-up credit

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Personal GPS Alarm Pendant for the active elderly

Medical personal gps alarm pendant gives peace of mind, safety and independence for the elderly and seniors.

AbbiCare’s personal alarm gives peace of mind for;

1) The elderly person who wants to get out, or simply be in the house. 

2) The family as you you know with the push of a button you know you can be contacted.

These devices are built with Italian components and a Swiss designed chip and better than a mobile phone when an emergency occurs. Moble phones can be difficult to access a number and fumbling around to unlock then searching to find people to call.

This safety pendant mobile GPS is a direct response personal safety alarm that can help save a life in an emergency and works in regional & remote areas that are supported by the 3G network in Australia.


When the SOS button is pressed on the personal gps alarm pendant real-time tracking is initialised and the pendant vibrates so the wearer knows help is on the way.

The smart tracking software then sends a text message with a Google maps link, battery life and follows by dialing the first of five contacts that can be programmed.

The device will keep dialing until someone answers. The wearer can feel safe knowing that help is on the way.


The user of the personal GPS alarm can be located by sending the device a text message and the smart-tracking software will send a text message back with a refreshed google maps link.


We help make life easier by sending the  personal panic alarm already set up with 12 months credit based on normal use. The credit is based on an average of use over twelve months and offer our customers Lifetime Support, which means, if you ever need to change numbers or settings, just call us.

It is reliable, durable, dust & showerproof, which means, if the wearer insists on living alone, they can wear it confidently while having a shower. Abbicare recommend that all wet areas, including kitchen are coated with an anti-slip additive to reduce the likelyhood of slips and falls and, a locked box installed outside with an easy to remember code such as a contacts postcode or wearer month and year birth.



  • Free delivery across Australia
  • Set-up free with 12 months credit.
  • Just turn it on and you’re ready to go!
  • 14 day money back guarantee
  • 12 month warranty
reddot design award
life time support

We’ve got you covered the sure safe way. When you purchase a Guardian Safety Pendant from abbicare, you have peace of mind with Lifetime Support if you ever have technical issues or merely just changing contact numbers. 

Got questions? Call 1300 88 975

Purchase includes;

  • Personal SOS Pendant
  • Free set-up
  • Docking Station + USB + Charger
  • Lanyard
  • Manual
  • Express Post

Q. Can I buy the alarm and add my own simcard to it?
A. Yes, let us know and we will mail the sos device without a simcard. Follow the easy instructions to add the simcard in and we are here to help so just call us.

Q. Can it be worn in bed?
A. Yes, we advise your loved one to try and get used to wearing it while asleep so if they go to the toilet, the sos pendant is with them.

Q. My father is a bit stuburn about wearing one, do you have any advice so we can get him to wear it.
A. Yes, an elderly have done everything in their life time and do not need people to tell them how to be. They know it is the best advice but do not need to be told.

We suggest just telling them about it, give them the information to read and let them know it is their decision. If they respect their doctor highly, the a call to them on the next visit is prudent.

Q. How long is it between charges?
A. Depending on settings the device requires charging every second day to be on the safe side.

Q. What are the on-going costs?
A. The device uses a simcard for data and calls. The cost to you is $0.73c a week payable one year in advance. We contact you one week before the payment is due.

Q. Where is the best place to charge it?
A. Most elderly sit and watch TV, it is advisable for them to get into the habit of charging while they are awake and seated. They can then out it back on when they get up.

Q. What if I want to change to program a new number?
A. You have life time support so just call us on 1300 884 975.

Q. Can we go overseas with this device?
A. Yes, let us know and we will set it up for you. Roam charges apply. Charges for using your service overseas are much higher than those at home and are not included and not all countries support international roaming.

Q. I hear 3G is fading out soon?
A. Yes, in fact some 3G towers are off already due to different frequencies but Telstra, being the main telco in Australia, have no plans to completely drop 3G for many years to come.