Information for Carers

Information for Carers

One of the most important parts for people that a Carer or a family member is being able to cope with stress. People who have never experienced a caring role just cannot understand what you actually go through. Our advice is to recognise the warning signs like, you’re feeling tired, having small arguments with siblings, trying to avoid sibling get to-gethers etc. There are many factors but one is mainly due to watching their loved one suffer, it can also be due to lack of finances, your social life dwindles and at times, you may feel worthless as there is no recognition for the wonderful role that you have taken.

Sometimes the Carer feels under pressure by their siblings because everybody wants to add their opinions and by doing so, the relationship begins a downward spiral. If this is what is happening then it is time to seek help by professionals and your doctor is the first point of call.

However, while it is important to speak to your doctor. our advice is to also contact to your local Carer organisation on the links below to gain the best possible outcome for yourself, your siblings and your loved one that is being looked after.

Some quick statistics:

  • In 2015 there were over 2.8 million unpaid carers in Australia.
  • 770,000 carers (28.6%) are primary carers, those who provide the most informal assistance to another individual.
  • Females make up the majority of carers, representing 69.7% of primary carers and 56.1% of all carers
  • In 2012 around 304,900 carers were less than 25 years old; 683,700 were aged 25 to 44 years; 1.1 million were aged 45 to 64; and 580,000 were aged 65 years and over.
  • In 2012 there were 74,900 carers aged less than 15 years and a further 231,200 carers aged 15 to 24, making up 2.8% and 8.6% of all carers in Australia.
  • Of the 1.9 million co-resident carers in 2012, 45.5% were the partner of the person they cared for, 20% cared for a parent, 23.4% cared for a child and 4.2% cared for a sibling.
  • In 2012, 38.9% of primary carers report spending, on average, 40 hours or more per week caring. 19.5% spend between 20 and 40 hours.
  • 27% of primary carers have been caring for 10 to 24 years, a further 7% have been in the caring role for 25 years or more.
  • The labour force participation rate of carers aged 15 years and over is 56.3% compared with 69.3% of non-carers.
  • The estimated replacement value of unpaid care provided in 2015 is $60.3 billion – over $1 billion per week, or 3.8% of Gross Domestic Product.
  • It is estimated that carers will provide 1.9 billion hours of unpaid care in 2015.

If you’re in need of someone to talk to or just get some advice, Carers Australia have highly trained counsellors who can help you through your highs and lows. For further information  call Carer support services on 1800 242 636

You can read more here on statistics; or alternatively click on your local Carers associations below.

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